”Would you rather be coached by someone who read a book,
or by the coach who wrote the book?“

who needs a coach?

"Without bragging, the total amount of training I did in my career was the equivalent of circling the globe nine times! More than 220,000 miles were logged. That’s around 22,000 hours of training, over twice what experts say you need to master your craft! And with that amount of time I tried just about every combination of blending swimming, cycling and running, speed work and base training, rest and tapering. There are three reasons I could have used a coach, and the same three apply today."

Mark Allen


the second opinion
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lots of moving parts
Unless you're a full time professional, or a member of a National Team, you have a life that probably includes at least forty-hours a week at work, additional family commitments before and after that, and a whole list of priorities that are not about training. And even though having a great experience in the sport can be a priority, many triathletes train in ways that hinder the chance of success in all of areas of their life! But a coach can help you create a balance....


staying the course
No matter what any triathlete, article or book tells you, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" training program. Age, experience and life circumstances can make the “ideal” training program look very different year to year even for the same person! Of course a wise starting plan must be put in place. But from there, the signs along the road of training will tell you how that needs to be modified if it will ever evolve into the truly ideal training that gets you to your goals!